The environment

For the love of nature

In today's world, more and more environmental problems are becoming visible and noticeable.

It is therefore important to promote environmental protection not only in the private sphere, but also within the company, and in this way to contribute to ensuring that vital, natural resources continue to be available to us in the long term.

For this reason, environmental protection has been firmly anchored in the Fietz Group's corporate mission statement for a long time and is very important to the management. The Fietz Group continuously examines all areas of the company to find out how to use the resources of this earth sensibly and economically and what Fietz can contribute to become even more environmentally friendly.

After all, the manufacturing industry has a significant impact on the environment and must therefore ensure that nature is preserved for our children and future generations. 

The Fietz Group wants to be a pioneer for many other companies, in which the current and future corporate goal is:

Our projects

Wild herb meadow and bees

Creation of a wildflower and wild herb meadow and establishment of a bee colony on the company premises

Tree planting campaign

Planting of 12 silver lime trees


Every new company vehicle is a hybrid or electric vehicle