Fietz products ...

are durable

The parts Fietz Group produces are not "disposable products", but are installed in applications that last for a product life cycle

are indispensable

Fact is: Without seals there are no sealing functions! However, seals are often wrongly classified as "C-parts" instead of - rightly - considering them as "A-parts"

are innovative

Many of Fietz products are used when high temperatures or chemical resistance or low friction is required

have a high vertical range of manufacture

This "self-sufficiency concept" ensures a reliable supply for the Fietz Group and you as a customer: Fietz GmbH and Fietz Automotive GmbH procure the raw materials from which their own semi-finished products are manufactured. From these, formed parts and seals are produced in a machining process

are resource-efficient

18% of the PTFE feedstock consists of reclaimed material, and 19% of the PTFE waste is collected and returned for recycling. In addition, the packaging drums are reused