The company

Sustainability is the future

For the Fietz Group, economic sustainability is a basic prerequisite for securing the long-term economic success and continued competitiveness.

However, the focus of a sustainably acting company should not be on maximum profit, but on long-term existence.

Nevertheless, sustainable companies must generate enough profits to be able to invest them, for example, in more environmentally friendly plants or modern machinery and thus use as few resources as possible than nature can generate in the same period of time.

For this reason, the Fietz Group has invested in some forward-looking projects.

Projects of the Fietz Group

Installation of a photovoltaic system

on the production and storage roofs as well as the administration buildings in Burscheid and Radevormwald. The energy demand is covered up to half during a sunny summer day. In the last half year 170 tons of CO2 were saved

New heating system with heat recovery

This is supported by new, efficient air compressors with heat recovery and contribute to a saving in gas consumption of around 60%

Rainwater utilization

Rainwater is collected and used for production processes instead of fresh water


18% of our PTFE material consists of regenerated material, 19% of the PTFE scrap are collected are returned for recycling