The products

Conserve resources with Longlife products

The longer a product can be used, the more sustainable it is.

The question of a product's sustainability can only be answered from a life cycle perspective:
From the extraction of raw materials to the processing, manufacture and design of the product, the transport routes to the product’s lifetime and its disposal.

Fietz longlife products guarantee a long service life and consequently contribute to significant resource savings in all relevant areas. Reducing the use of resources and the associated impact on the environment along the entire value chain is a central task of the corporate policy.

Fietz products ...

are durable

The parts Fietz Group produces are not "disposable products", but are installed in applications that last for a product life cycle

are indispensable

Fact is: Without seals there are no sealing functions! However, seals are often wrongly classified as "C-parts" instead of - rightly - considering them as "A-parts"

are innovative

Many of Fietz products are used when high temperatures or chemical resistance or low friction is required

have a high vertical range of manufacture

This "self-sufficiency concept" ensures a reliable supply for the Fietz Group and you as a customer: Fietz GmbH and Fietz Automotive GmbH procure the raw materials from which their own semi-finished products are manufactured. From these, formed parts and seals are produced in a machining process

are resource-efficient

18% of the PTFE feedstock consists of reclaimed material, and 19% of the PTFE waste is collected and returned for recycling. In addition, the packaging drums are reused

The value chain

From the resin to ready-to-use seals - everything under one roof.

With Fietz products and services, the Fietz Group always ensures lower energy consumption, an optimized supply chain, fewer emissions and more safety.