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The Fietz Group offers PFAS free alternatives

Impact and evaluation for sealing technology

Due to their outstanding thermal and chemical resistance, as well as their friction-reducing properties, PFAS compounds are used in many consumer products such as baking paper, functional clothing, fire extinguishers, disposable coffee cups and also in „non-consumer“ products.

The current discussion on PFAS materials is leading to an increased focus on PFAS-free materials as an alternative to FKM, FFKM and PTFE, for example.

Fluoropolymers have found their way into the category of high-performance plastics (materials) for a reason!
They have become indispensable in important areas of the semiconductor industry, pharmacy and medical technology. But PTFE seals in particular have also found a firm place with users in hydraulics and mobile hydraulics.

The Fietz Group is a manufacturer of high performance seals made from high-end materials. Fietz offers a wide variety of PTFE compounds and uses them to manufacture components ranging from classic seals to customer-specific solutions.

Originally developed for classic hydraulics, Fietz also has PFAS-free alternatives in its portfolio.

FiPur® 150

• Hard TPU material (Hardness 55 Shore D)
• Excellent compatibility in mineral oils (HL, HLP, HLPD etc.)
• Temperature range from -30 °C to 110 °C
• Outstanding extrusion resistance by high pressure impact of the sealing elements
• Good resilience, despite high degree of hardness, the ring can be snap-fit assembled
• Applications as piston seals and wiper elements in element in hydraulic and gas spring technology

FiPur® 150 can be used wherever users require a wear-resistant material with a low coefficient of friction value.

Typical applications: gas springs, hydraulic applications up to 100°C

FiPur® is a registered trademark of Fietz Group. 

Fi 1901

• extremely low stress crack resistance
• low coefficient of friction
• very low wear
• very low cold flow
• Temperature application from -200°C to max. 80°C, some types even up to 95°C
• very good chemical resistance

Fi 1901 is based on UHMW-PE and can be used in many applications where high chemical resistance is required.

Fietz FiPur® 150 (TPU) as well as our Fi 1901 can be machined or injection molded as required.

Coefficient of friction

The coefficient of friction is an important selection factor when choosing the right seals.


Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance is, in addition to friction, an important selection criterion for users.

If you have any questions about our materials and their use in your application, we will be happy to assist you.

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The Fietz Group offers PFAS  free alternatives