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Sustainability at Fietz


As a medium-sized and family-run company, sustainability is the basis for the continued existence. It is important to the Fietz Group to live up to its social, ecological and economic responsibilities so that future generations can live at least as well as we do today.

For this reason, the Fietz Group has invested in some forward-looking projects:

Installation of a photovoltaic system

on the production and storage roofs as well as the administration buildings in Burscheid and Radevormwald. The energy demand is covered up to half during a sunny summer day. In the last half year 170 tons of CO2 were saved

New heating system with heat recovery

This is supported by new, efficient air compressors with heat recovery and contribute to a saving in gas consumption of around 60%

Rainwater utilization

Rainwater is collected and used for production processes instead of fresh water


Every new company vehicle is a hybrid or electric vehicle


18% of our PTFE material consists of regenerated material, 19% of the PTFE scrap are collected are returned for recycling

Tree planting campaign

Planting of 12 silver lime trees

Wild herb meadow and bees

Creation of a wildflower and wild herb meadow and establishment of a bee colony on the company premises

These are all fantastic projects that will make a big difference, but we as the Fietz Group want to do even more and push the issue of sustainability further.

New "green" warehouse

A new CO2-neutral warehouse in Radevormwald will become operational in the fall of 2023

New air conditioning system

Currently in planning: Construction of a new air conditioning system with ammonia NH3. Advantage: no ozone-depleting gases

High-performance polyurethane based on biogenic raw materials

A ZIM project (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand), in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, funded by BMWI, has been started. The aim is to replace a large proportion of the fossil-based components used in the production of polyurethane with regenerative, renewable raw materials


Sustainability at Fietz